How do you select the restaurants and healthcare facilitates you work with?
We base our selection on different factors: impact, need, level of vulnerability, and ties to the greater NYC Philippine community. We prioritize brick-and-mortar Filipino business in the Little Manila neighborhood. We try to target healthcare facilities that may be under-resourced. It is a thoughtful discussion we have every meeting, and our criteria continues to shift and change as we gain more knowledge and insight through this work.

How many meals do you typically deliver?
The deliveries thus far have typically fed at least 30 people. This, however, may increase with upcoming deliveries.

How frequently do you do these deliveries?
As a small team of volunteers who work full-time jobs, we limit our deliveries to once a week, usually on the weekend.

What do you include in the deliveries?
For the healthcare workers, the meals have included beverages and desserts. Additionally, we have included our activity sheets, as well as a thank you card for all their work. 
        For the restaurants, we offer a sizable tip and gift them enough handmade masks (made by our volunteer Yukari Niikura!) for every worker there.        

How many people go on the deliveries?

We take social distancing seriously and have no more than 5 volunteers have accompanied these deliveries. Typically we have a driver, a documentarian, and 2-3 people help with loading and unloading.

Do you plan to scale up your operations?
We do not plan to expand beyond the ten deliveries we committed to, with the funds we raised throughout April 2020. This initiative, however, has illuminated other related work and projects we plan to engage with in the near future.